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Eric Biermann

I am a Design & Development Manager at VanBerlo, responsible for a multidisciplinary develpmt team. I have experience in complex products, packaging, furniture, consumer goods, mobility, logistics and the juvenile industry. I aim to use my product development skills to guide projects from the fuzzy front end to tooling and mass production. The challenge is to combine a designer's creative and aesthetic vision with a cost efficient and manufacturable product design that makes our client successful. Specialties: Creative concept development, feasibility studies, mechanical engineering, design for assembly, plastics engineering, prototyping, project management.


VanBerlo is one of Europe’s leading agencies in the area of innovation strategy, design and implementation. VanBerlo works with its clients to convert ideas and opportunities into tangible business value. Our innovative products, communication and brands have been creating the difference for our clients for over 30 years.